Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru | 11TH - 13TH February, 2017


Karnataka, one of the growing bio-pharmaceutical states in the country, currently ranks fifth in pharma exports and contributes 10 percent to the Indian pharma export revenue. The State alone has 236 Pharma & Biotech Companies having annual global sales to the tune of Rs. 500 Crores.

Bengaluru being recognized as a bio cluster of India. The Creation of economic clusters of biotech units is attributable to the increasing returns under monopolistic competition and generation of strategic alliances Leading companies like Accelrys, Advinus Therapeutics, Agilent Technologies, Animal Biotech, Automed Systems, Avesthagen, Bharat Biotech, Bigtec, Biocon, ClinTec (India) International, CytoGenomics, Delta Biologicals etc are present in Karnataka